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Anna Szawara: Pracuję na Uniwersytecie w Chicago

Polish Studies at UIC is a growing interdisciplinary initiative under the leadership of Michał Paweł Markowski, Hejna Family Chair in Polish Language and Literature, and Keely Stauter-Halsted, Hejna Family Chair in the History of Poland. Currently in its third year, the program sponsors international conferences, scholarly workshops, culture festivals, art and photography exhibits, and visiting lectures, bringing together specialists in Polish culture and history from across the world to the vibrant Polish “second city” of Chicago. Doctoral programs in Polish literature and in Polish history benefit from the expertise of Professors Magłorzata Fidelis in History and Karen Underhill in Slavics and Polish-Jewish Studies, as well as endowed Chair in Lithuanian Studies Giedrius Subacius, and an interdisciplinary faculty in Russian History and Jewish Studies. The Polish Studies program at UIC maintains a partnership with the Center for Advanced Studies in the Humanities at Jagiellonian University (Kraków), where it operates an annual Study Abroad Program. The UIC Polish Studies Program will soon launch a trans-disciplinary publishing initiative entitled Translating Modernities – an online publication devoted to making freely available seminal and previously untranslated Modernist texts in Polish, Russian, and Yiddish languages, across related disciplines from literature to art and cultural criticism.

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